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About me
I grew up in a big city, but my favorite time from childhood is my grandmother's house in the village and nature. Only there could I feel the calm flow of life and freedom from social pressure. It is man and nature that remain the primary sources of inspiration for me.
I do not like harsh and unambiguous statements in my art. I want to think more about the duality and versatili ty of life inmy works. Everything around us has two sides. What to choose and why? These are simple questions that are sometimes difficult to answer. Many problems in the world are due to opposing opinions of people, and each side considers itself to be correct. How we would like people to learn to understand each other and meet halfway.
Having tried acrylic for the first time, I immediately fell in love with this material. It has genuinely incredible capabilities and helps me create bright textures on canvas and convey the character and mood of the main characters! I do many layers, and then I destroy the already dried layers of paint. It can be very emotional for me, and as a result, you can feel the mood of the work.
If there is no person in the picture, then I try to reflect the melancholy of the moment so that the viewer is interested in stopping and being alone in this space. Often, I want to depict the interaction of nature and man. After all, nature reminds us of who we are and where we are from, and how "pure" we come into this world until we become overgrown with the convictions and laws of society.

2012 - graduated from the International
School of Design, direction "Interior Design"
2006 - Moscow State Pedagogical University,
Faculty of Art and Graphics,
course "Basics of Drawing"
"Basics of composition", "Coloristics"
Studied with:
Anastasia Shimshilashvili
Tatiana Shchirbidova
Svetlana Rumak

November 2021, Arts and Fashion Biennale,
September 2021 – Boomer Gallery, London,
September 2021, ARTPLAY, fair and exhibition
of contemporary art, Moscow
September 2021, Artalebrio, Moscow,
«Four seasons»
August 2021 - D31 Art Gallery (London),
“Our Changing World”
August 2021 - Colors of Humanity Art Gallery,
July 2021, Contemporary Art Gallery Online,
December 2020, Honorable mention, HelvetArt,
International Art Competition Theme “OPEN”,
December 2020, Alipova Gallery,
“Prefabricated hodgepodge”, virtual exhibition
December 2020, online exhibition “Red”,
Swiss Online gallery Helvetart
Please feel free to ask any questions and contact me via mail or social media.

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